The Firm

The Law Offices of LaToya A. Hutchinson, P.C. is one of Atlanta’s fastest growing law firms handling matters primarily in the areas of: contract law; family law; general litigation; estate planning and probate; and criminal law. With a zealous attitude towards defending the liberties and protecting the rights and interests of its clients, The Law Office of LaToya A. Hutchinson, P.C. is prepared to defend its clients against the following types of claims: all general civil litigation matters, contract law, and all general criminal litigation matters.

Attorney Hutchinson takes great pride in calling herself a general practitioner. The distinguishing factor is that she do not simply prepare cases for settlement instead, Attorney Hutchinson will aggressively defend or prosecute a case with an eye towards an outcome suitable for her client. In addition, Attorney Hutchinson gives each client the individualized attention necessary to assess and handle their legal matters. Attorney Hutchinson will always thoroughly and candidly address each client’s concerns, and offer an explanation of the legal options available. Further, once engaged, The Law Office of LaToya A. Hutchinson, P.C., will keep its clients apprised of all developments in their case through copies of correspondence, legal pleadings, phone calls and in person meetings. This proactive approach helps to keep clients informed while fostering an excellent attorney-client relationship. Attorney Hutchinson welcomes you to contact her office and experience the warm, friendly yet professional setting of a dedicated law firm.